The Phantom Begins

Tonight marks the official beginning of a tremendous journey of learning. The rehearsals begin for Cardinal O’Hara’s production of The Phantom Of The opera. This is the start of a 14 week schedule leading us to our opening night which will be April 8, 2010.

In addition to being an Assistant Principal and a teacher here, I am the producer/director of the show. As we move along the production process I will post here regularly to share and chronicle the progress the students and their teachers make.

This is likely the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken. Every aspect of the show is challenging, and I truly believe that our kids are up to the task.  We have so much to imagine and create along the way. And no, I don’t have the complete concept of how we will make the chandelier work, the gondola move, the stage transform and tons of other things. That will become apparent once the adult and student imagineers get all of the ideas rolling. But trust me, it will all happen.

This is true authentic learning. And you can’t get much more project based than this.  So along with all of the other educational topics that I like to write about, this running story of our show will be a regular blog post here.

As always thanks for stopping by. More to come. Feel free to add your thoughts below.

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