Going Back To The Classroom

In the spring of this year, after 18 years as an administrator, I decided to take a break from administration and return to the classroom.  I know not what the future holds, but the present is teaching kids Math!

Through my time as an admin, I always taught 1 class each year, so I have never truly been out of the classroom. But going back as a full time teacher is quite a shift.

So here I sit writing at the end of my first full week in room 301. And it was a great, exhausting, and energizing week.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to “walk the walk” that I have encouraged teachers to take for the past five years.  Through my personal learning network on Twitter, the PLP experience, and conferences and connections that I have been so blessed to have made, I feel the refreshing challenge of putting the practice into practice.

I am teaching my students Algebra II and Geometry. I will be counting on my readers here and my twitter friends to inspire me and offer opportunities for me to deepen and strengthen my own love of learning and teaching.

Each day so far, I start by being mindful that my students are people.  They need to feel known. I need to give them agency.  I need to come from a position of compassion and care.  After that comes pedagogy.

I will be writing on my experience throughout the year right here in this space.  I am sure there will be successes, new ideas, struggles, and mistakes for me and my kids.  That is the ever changing nature of life. But it will be fun.

I look forward to this new experience and am honored to be serving as my students’ teacher.  I am back to prepping like a new teacher, thinking about UBD plans, working on being as creative as possible and dealing with occasional self-inflicted anxiety.   And while I came home this week completely exhausted, I was, at the same time energized.

So here’s to a year of teaching learning, laughing, caring, and growing.

More adventures coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Comments and brilliant suggestions welcomed!


8 thoughts on “Going Back To The Classroom

  1. I always start with WHY we are working on this, whatever it is. Amazes me that so few teachers do that. Have fun. Best job in the world.

  2. Leslie, thank you for coming by and commenting. And for sharing that wisdom. So very true. I will be mindful of that. If more educators and leaders had the vision to simply ask why are we doing this, learning would thrive. And it is the best job indeed!

  3. Great read, Ed! For my students (and me) after why? comes choice. I offer students choices of projects, activities, learning modes, seating…really everything that is incorporated in learning. It allows students to be invested in their learning and affords them the opportunity to really add depth to learning.

  4. I love that you talk about relationship coming before pedagogy. I too am returning to the classroom full-time next year and am secretly excited.

  5. Graham, great to see you here. What is your current position? Thank you for taking the time to comment and be a part of the conversation!

  6. Hi Ed,

    So glad to find a fellow traveler. I left a successful career as a university teacher educator to “walk the walk” again and return to teaching in the public school classroom. Trying to write about it through Facebook every few days. Looking forward to seeing your experience unfold this year through your specialized lens of an administrator. Please do write!

    Darby Delane

  7. Darby, thank you for joining the conversation! I plan on writing regularly hear and look forward to what develops. I am truly enjoying my start of the year.

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